About the Kiosk

If you have a leisure park, a gift shop, or if you work in the turism the POSTACARD Kiosk are one of the best choice to improve your business. Using the POSTCARD machines the people will be happy to create their own individual postcards.

How it works:

The machine inserts the user(s) own photo into a postcard.

The machine captures 6 photos from the user(s), and after the best photo was choosen it will be insert 6 different postcard theme.

The user(s) can print as many postcards as he/she wants.

After the payment the machine prints the postacard(s) with the highest postcard quality.

Main features:

 – HD camera inside

– 19” SAW touch screen

– LED lamp technology

– Latest technology Mitsubishi postcard printer inside

– Intel processor in the PC with W7

– High quality final product

– 100% usable softver licence (lifetime free update)

– Free photo upload and price changes by the owner

– Individual softver changes are available for costs